Topic outline

  • H5P for new users

  • Preparing for the H5P Workshop

    The H5P Workshop will include an overview of H5P and cover what it is, how it works, the different ways to host and manage H5P resources and it's functionality with learning management systems and other platforms.

    In preparation for the workshop please check out the H5P Workshop information below.


      What you already know!

      Please complete this short questionnaire to let us know a little about your experience with learning management systems and what you already know about H5P.

    • H5P icon

      Making notes

      Feel free to download a copy of this notes template to make notes as we progress through the day.


      H5P Q&A

      If you have any questions on anything that is covered in the session, or anything about H5P in general, please ask them here. 

      If you have questions, you can be sure others will have too. You may also have questions that others may not have thought of, so posting your questions to this Q&A forum will help everyone.

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  • Timeline

    In this section, you will find an example of an embedded timeline activity.

    Here's an example of the same resource accessed via the hyperlink.

    • You will find all the resources used to create this timeline in the folder below.

  • Flashcards

    In this section you will find an example of flashcards and the resources needed to have a go at creating your own flashcards.

  • Embedding H5P

    This is an example of embedding H5P content into a Book. You can embed any H5P content types into any HTML editor.

  • Branching scenario

    In this section you will find examples of branching scenarios to share some ideas for their use.

  • Column

  • Other H5P content types

    In this section you will find examples of a range of H5P content types to share some ideas for their use.

  • Workshop summary

    To wrap up the H5P workshop, we would ask you to take a few minutes to reflect on the day and share a couple of key takeaways from the session.


      Your feedback

      We would really appreciate your feedback and would love it if you could take five minutes to complete the short H5P workshop feedback questions.