Stuart Mealor (conference organiser)It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Moodle Moot NZX in New Zealand, and to this website which provides essential information and an interactive community space leading up to the event.

For the first time we are also featuring H5P.

The 2019 event has a wonderful venue this year - Unitec in Auckland - and we are expecting spring weather too! wink

The Moodle Moot has two main aims. Firstly, to enable people who work in the e-learning virtual space to meet and interact face-to-face each year. The second vital aspect of a Moodle Moot is to reach all Moodle teachers, educators, and technologists to provide unique professional development opportunities.

Numerous workshops, presentations,and  discussions will be facilitated by Moodle experts and enthusiasts - and we thank everyone in advance for this - it's the most important contribution to the event.

To go alongside the very important Teaching workshop, we also have a Management and Administration workshop, and an Introduction to Moodle Development this year.

Our aim of ensuring there is 'something for everyone' remains central, and we have different 'tracks' to support developers/administrators, teachers, and a business and general interest (to encompass everything else!) Attendees are free to choose sessions from any area - some technical, some teaching, and some of the interesting 'others'.

As always, the logistics of managing the host venue goes a long way towards the success of the event. The work being done by James Oldfield and other staff at Unitec is not to be under-estimated. I'd like to say a huge thank you, and we really hope that this conference provides a truly valuable staff development opportunity for Unitec staff.

I am fortunate to be invited to conferences and Moodle Moots around the world - including Australia, USA, Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania and most recently the Philippines - you think Aukcland traffic is bad ... try Manila!  I can honestly say that the New Zealand Moodle Moot is the most relaxed, and the most friendly and enjoyable. If you haven't been to the NZ Moodle Moot conference before... you are in for a really great experience, and if you have - it will be great to see you again!

If you have general questions leading up to the event please post them in the Forum. If you would like to discuss something directly with myself please email me: stuart[AT]

Stuart smile