Management workshops - C170

These workshops are for people who manage, lead, or administer Moodle sites, but are not necessarily involved in teaching using Moodle.

BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE(s) - laptop best - tablet OK for most - smartphone too for mobile work.  We will have a few spare iPads available.

Thursday 6th October

  • AM: Using Competency Frameworks and Learning Plans - 9.00-10.00 - Scott Huntley
    • This will guide you through using one of the most anticipated new features in Moodle 3.1 – Competency Frameworks and Learning Plans. As a teacher in the Australian VET sector, I have wrestled with the best way to accommodate Competency Based Education for a few years. In this workshop, I’ll use an example course set up for ASQA’s VET Quality Framework for an accredited course at our TAFE, and brainstorm with you how you’ll apply Competency Based Education to your needs.
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  • PM: Creating perfect courses for both desktop and mobile users - 13.00-16.00 (including break 14.30-15.00) - Stuart Mealor
    • It seems everyone is talking about mobile learning, but the average teacher has enough to do without having to create mobile courses too!  Or is that true?  Are there ways to present your Moodle courses in a way that works well for desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones?  This workshop will look at the most effective ways to do both - bring your mobile devices along to get the best experience !

Friday 7th October

  • AM: Accessible, high usability, and professional - 9.00-12.00 (including break 10.00-10.30) - Stuart Mealor
    • How many of our courses can we hold up as meeting these key criteria?  Accessibility doesn't have to be a drama, usable sites benefit everyone, and professional courses keep your learners and clients happy.  Join us for this practical workshop and guide on how to achieve these things in a realistic way.
  • PM: Monitoring and Managing learners effectively - 13.00-16.00 (including break 14.30-15.00) Tabitha Roder, Miriam Laidlaw, Miranda Verswijvelen
    • Facilitators often talk of the high workload in managing the online components of the course; checking which learners have completed tasks, looking for forum contributions, and checking what needs marking.  Getting these things right can free up time for important things like working directly with learners.  This session will explore tracking options, and the Reports available to Administrators, Managers, Teachers and learners themselves. A fantastic workshop for anyone wanting to extend their capability beyond the basics and leverage Moodle's built in core monitoring and course management tools.
AM sessions are 9.00-12.00
PM sessions are 13.00-16.00

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