Administrator workshops - ILC D350

For experienced and new Moodle site administrators - a range of workshops designed to make your life easier !

BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE - laptop best.  We will have a few spare iPads available.

Thursday 6th October

  • AM: SSL Certificates for everyone - 9.00-10.00 Catalyst
    • There is no longer a single reason that any site should be running unencrypted, from the the smallest school to the biggest corporation, everyone should be protecting their users privacy, data and passwords.
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  • AM: Running a More Stable Moodle using Testing and Automation - 10.00-12.00 (including break 10.00-10.30) Catalyst
    • Create a more stable Moodle environment using tools such as:

      • Behat
      • PHP unit
      • Git
      • GoCD 
  • PM: Make your site look beautiful and work effectively with Themes (without having to become a PHP developer first!) - 13.00-16.00 including break 14.30-15.00) - Richard Jones
    • Not everyone is a programming or CSS guru right?  But you still want your Moodle site to look incredible! The good news is that there is a lot you can do without being a PHP developer to improve your Moodle site visually, and this workshop will explore various ideas and options to give your site a new look, or much needed facelift.
Friday 7th October

  • AM: Easy scripts a non-tech can use to save lots of copying and pasting into multiple forms on Moodle - 9.00-10.00 - Phil Blyth
    • Easy scripts a non-tech can use to save lots of copying and pasting into multiple forms on Moodle
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  • AM: Moodle on a Really Really Really Small Computer - 10.30-12.00 Scott Huntley
    • Scott, the IoT Moodler, has a simple question: what is the smallest computer that can run Moodle? In this presentation, Scott will show you the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Zero, and tell you about running Moodle on cheap Open Hardware Single Board Computers. But Scott will also talk about the meaning behind it; how we will teach STEM in classrooms of the future. (Don't worry if you've seen Scott talk on this subject before, this isn't the same old IoT and eLearning talk; he has new toys this time!)
  • PM: Proactive site management - 13.00-16.00 (including break 14.30-15.00) Stuart Mealor
    • Every year, or maybe even every six months, you may update your Moodle site. But what are the new features for Admins in each new version, and how do they impact?  What can you leave as default, switch on, or switch off?  And which features need to be discussed with academic staff before this decisions are made?  Join this discussion and sharing session for a look at Moodle 3.0 through 3.2 and the impacts it may have.
AM sessions are 9.00-12.00
PM sessions are 13.00-16.00

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