Moodle Moot 2009-2010, Christchurch Polytechnic

The main information for Moodle Moot New Zealand 2010.
Developers Workshop with Martin Dougiamas
Administration Workshop with Shane Elliott / Julian Ridden
NZ Schools Workshop with Anton and Miriam
Foundation and new users Workshop with Tabitha and Teresa

Some of what we will be included:
  • Moodle basics: logging on, finding your course, blocks and editing buttons
  • How to add resources: such as labels, linking to files and websites
  • How to add activities: such as choices, forums, glossaries
  • Where to get more information
  • A plan for how to make your own courses: good course design
During the workshop you will do lots of hands on, trying things out.
Developing an SSO enabled MLE
Assessment and Reporting within the Health Industry
Using Moodle in New Zealand Schools
Themes in Moodle 2.0
Moodle use in NZ government
Getting the most out of the Moodle Quiz
Moodle for enterprise workplace training
Managing a global corporate academy

Facilitating students creating their own content

Analytics and Intuition: Reading Classroom Gestures
10 essentials for Moodle in Business
Introduction to Second Life and Moodle (SLoodle)
Security of 3rd party modules
ePortfolios in action
Running Moodle in a School
Developing a new Block for Moodle
Moodle in Higher Education
Using Moodle in trades education
Managing a complex multi-site Moodle
Moodle aiding student retention and completion
Moodle in School - good, bad, ugly and fun
Moodle and Turnitin integration
Using Moodle and Google Docs together
Birds of a feather - Technical group
Birds of a feather - business, commercial and private group
Birds of a feather - Schools group